Realtor services

Do you hire a carpet cleaner to get your listing clean or do you work with one to get it sold?

Relator Service We Provide

Once the house is cleaned here’s how we work with a realtor:

One free treatment AFTer A Cleaning if needed while listed

One free treatment of a spot or stain that occurs after the cleaning from a spill during a showing or we will waive the minimum fee to go back and do a spot cleaning if the homeowner should have an accident while the house is listed.

Free Scotch-Guard

Free Scotch-Guard in high traffic areas to keep carpet looking stain-free

We’ll “Fluff” IT

We will come back and “Fluff” the carpet prior to your Open House upon request.

Post listing

Post your listing on our Facebook Fan Page when you have your carpets cleaned.

Partner Dicounts

Discounted pricing for the Real Estate Market Referrals!

try us out

Half price “trial” for realtors to test us out on either their own home or a listing!

Referral Program

Enjoy some perks for being a great Referral Partner .

Refer three clients and yours is FREE (up to $150). The “free” one can be for personal use or given to someone.

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