Realtor services

Working with the real estate related fields is our specialty!

Do you hire a carpet cleaner to get your listing clean or do you work with one to get it sold?

Once the house is cleaned here’s how we work with a realtor:


  • One free treatment of a spot or stain that occurs after the cleaning from a spill during a showing or we will waive the    minimum fee to go back and do a spot cleaning if the homeowner should have an accident while the house is listed.
  • Free Scotch-Guard in high traffic areas to keep carpet looking stain-free
  • “Fluff” the carpet prior to your Open House
  • Post listing on our Facebook Fan Page
  • Discounted pricing for the Real Estate Market Referrals!
  • Half price “trial” for realtors to test us out on either their own home or a listing! 


Refer three clients and yours is FREE (up to $150). The “free” one can be for personal use or given to someone.

Realtor Care
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