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Not Just Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Dry Cleaning.

Unlike other carpet cleaners in Atlanta, We use NO WATER.

Here at Carpet DryClean of Atlanta. You, our customer's safety and satisfaction is our first priority. Safety, you may ask. Well to start well only use all natural products in your home or business. All being 100% organic and bio degradable leaving your carpeting clean, dry and disinfected when we leave your home or business. All of our products are safe for your Children and Pets to play on the moment we leave your home.

If you are a current or former client, please tell a friend about your experience with us here at Carpet DryClean. If you are trying to decide on who you're are going to have clean your carpet, please take a look at our reviews on your Facebook page. Thank you for choosing us!

We Work With Realtors!

At Carpet DryClean we are committed to working with real estate fields...
It is our specialty!

Baby and Pet Safe

We are constantly bombarded with the worry and concern with toxins in our environment especially in our homes. That said, we ONLY use non toxic, biodegradable products.


One of the things that has plagued the carpet cleaning industry is up selling, Our services include: Everything.

Expert Carpet Cleaning

At Carpet DryClean the customers needs come first. Our totally organic, biodegradable products combined with our highly qualified technicians leave your carpet and furniture not only clean, but disinfected and dry as soon as we complete the job.

Peace of mind

Every day we venture out into the world around us, and all that is on the bottom of our shoes from everywhere we've been: Public rest rooms, fast food restaurants, parking lots, and more. Is it time to have your carpet disinfected?

Cleaning Without The Worry

In today's world we are constantly bombarded with the worry of toxic exposure and contaminants in our environment. We use an all natural, child and pet safe, biodegradable cleaner. This cleaner is exclusive only to Carpet Dryclean.

It's all about the carpet!

If you have had the misfortune of having to wait for hours, if not days for your carpet to be dry, It's time to experience what carpet cleaning is supposed to be... Carpet Dry Cleaned, Disinfected and not intrusive to your lifestyle.

No Drying Time

> No Water or Shampoo
> Help Eliminate Germs and Dust Mites
> Organic, Safe and Environmentally Friendly 

Specialist In...

> Pet Odor
> Help Eliminate Germs and Dust Mites
> Organic, Safe and Environmentally Friendly 

Healthy Living Tips

10 Tips to Reduce Summer Allergy Symptoms

Healthy Living

Hot and humid summer weather can impact allergy symptoms — and to ensure that your indoor and outdoor activities are not impacted by “wheezing and sneezing” moments. Our tips will allow you to manage, reduce and (perhaps) eliminate allergens in your indoor and outdoor environment. 

Best Vacuums of 2016

These vacuums suck, which is why we like them

It’s safe to say that with all the political news, 2016 probably won’t be a year most remembered for the debut of innovative vacuum cleaners.

Homemade Natural Cleaning Wipes that Disinfect

These vacuums suck, which is why we like them

We can all appreciate an ingenious marketing strategy, right? Here’s one for you, disposable cleaning wipes – absolutely brilliant.

Ask about our up front Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Your complete Carpet Cleaning Specialist .  Helping take the worry out of your carpeting.                                                                                                                                                                                   


Client Testimonials

“We were about to replace the carpet in our Master Bedroom with hardwood as our dog’s favorite spot to urinate either inside or outside the house is just inside the bedroom door! After spending over $1,000 in the past 4 years, having two major “steam” cleaning companies clean our carpets, Carpet DryClean came and dry-cleaned them. The stains and smells are completely gone! The total cost was $100 for both rooms! We were about to pay $3,000 for hardwoods and now are not. Give Carpet DryClean a shout if you need your carpets cleaned!”

Stephen Robbins,

~ Keller Williams Reality Peachtree Rd. Atlanta, GA ~

"Thank you Carpet DryClean Atlanta for doing an outstanding job on this listing... was a huge help in getting this one under contract so quickly! The seller thought the carpet might need to be replaced altogether to get it sold, and she is SO happy we went this route. 5-Stars all the way. Highly Recommend Carpet DryClean Atlanta!!"

Susie Shina

~ Realtor at Atlanta Communities Cherokee ~
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